I Could Hear the Earth Turn​/​The Ground Would Shift and Shake​/​Oh How I Spent My Days​/​Happy to Be Anything

by kiddo (CA)

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written and recorded as a 3 piece from oct 2012-feb 2013
inspired by the loss of family members, religion and innocence.


released May 31, 2013

recorded by Robert Mclean @ Red Giant Records
mastered by Laird Fryer
all group vocals - kiddo + Andy & Robert of Brown Bags



all rights reserved


kiddo (CA) Santa Rosa, California

Formed as a two piece in 2010, transitioned to a 3 piece and recorded our first EP and later our debut album "I could hear the earth turn..."
immediately after recording became a 4 piece, and then a 5 piece.

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Track Name: Cancer Kids
We've all got
Differing life spans
Wasting our hopes on chance

With so many people
Why didn't we notice?

We've all been living through
Someone else
Leeching off others trust

With so many loves
Where did we go wrong?

Well we've been drinking all the time
And we've been smoking all the time

And youth is wasted on the young
We'll all be dead when it's gone

Our black lungs were singing

Your heart is dying
And you barely have a breath to sing

Then god told you to turn
the other cheek

And the pills that swam in your veins
Cry it's time to go
Track Name: It's Always Snowing in Philidelphia
Late night drives
And sing a-longs

We call out directions from
The backseat

Always too late

Here without you
I do the best I can

I'll sing your words
I'll hum the chords

it's like you never left

Our voices
Carried out the window
The winds
Always change
Track Name: Summertime
4 days away
My future in front of me
Tattered hearts sang with uncertainty
So you know you're not left behind
I'll play this song
For your worried mind

It's summertime again
Sleepless nights
Alright alright alright

It's summertime again
Sleepless nights
Alright alright
Alright alright
Alright alright
Track Name: 1998
I was 9 years old
When she died
I thought I should cry
So I tried real hard

I miss her now
and that smelly house
my routine
Avoiding school
watching tv

I was 9 years old
And I'll never know
What life would be like
If I knew what I know now

I was so naive
It was better to think
That we all go to heaven
Only bad guys go to hell

I was 9 years old
I was a fucking joke
But no more
Than I am now
Track Name: Sad Song
Well I chase you down to the edge
Of the driveway
Grow two feet every step I'd take

And it's sad that we have to grow old
And it's sad that she'll never hear these songs

Some nights
Wandering aimlessly
Looking at the stars
Why do we have to die

The voice in my head
Tells me sometimes
Were better off dead
Than alive

While running
The sound of my footsteps
Echoes the songs
They sang every night

And we'll sing loud
Of all the things you have done
And your joy
Like the rising sun

I built a wall around my heart,
So it won't break.
When my thoughts drift to you,
I drink them away.

And it's sad that the bottle runs empty
And it's sad that I need it to be happy
Track Name: Young Neil
I'm sorry, I never was
what you wanted me to be

I love you and you drive me
fucking crazy

I'm alone and slurring my speech

One foot in the grave
And it feels amazing

Skinned my knee
And cried out lord help

In the sun or the rain
No love from a god have I felt

I've been searching
For some kind of savior
But in the end
Another bottle is all I wish for

I'm awake
With itchy eyes

And the sun
is barely in the sky

This is too early

I am on the brink
Of something beautiful

I am on the brink
Of something terrible

I am on the brink
Track Name: Bill Fucking Murray
Let the young feed on their elders
And the elders do the same
Let the lovers love
Love eachother
Til their hearts all catch the flame

Let our voices cry in unison
Let the echoes make waves
Let the steamer ships rule the oceans
While the tankers give praise

Let the caps melt
Let the earth flood
Let the water boil
Let our hearts burst

Just sit and watch
Your childhood homes
Just sit and watch them
Fade into the sea

And sing of how
we try to forget the things
learned from our fathers
We clung to ideals so much
We hated each other

And the promise we made
To be nothing like them
Was slowly chipped away
When we started talking again

And if this has to end
Let it end right now
Let everything we've done
Be our shot across the bow

Let the caps melt
Let the earth flood
Let the waters boil
Let our hearts burst

Let our grudges be forgotten
All the baggage we kept
Let our memory of better days
Be all that is left
Track Name: Suicide Bat
I see you float by on a cloud
I think it's time you come down

I won't live life with my eyes closed
I'm not content with my
Head up my ass
or buried in the ground
Track Name: I am All That is Rat
I am always fucked
And it never feels good
It's never the way
That I want it to be

6 months of keeping
My chin up
Hasn't changed a goddamn thing

Hunched over indoors
and waiting for my time
Can't hold my head up
when I'm walking outside
That look she gave me under the moon
Don't look the same in the daylight

I am always fucked
And I'm taking you with me
To the hell I made in my mind
It's a desolate place
Where nothing grows
Where no one would go
If they had a choice

I am always fucked
I am all that is rat
I am all that is rat
I am all that is rat